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Each Clever Cool™ Cooling Knee Pillow offer includes (1) Clever Cool™ cooling knee pillow and (1) Clever Cool™ Breathable Pillow Case.

Clever Cool™ Cooling Knee Pillow is the ultimate alignment pillow for side sleepers. It helps keep your body in a state of optimal anatomical alignment, reducing pressure and discomfort, so you can rest without the stress.

The secret is in the concave, charcoal infused memory foam design that perfectly conforms to the curves of your legs to lift and align your spine while also helping to reduce moisture and odor. Clever Cool™ also comes with layers of comforting cooling gel to help reduce inflammation and diffuse body heat. Stay cool & comfy all night with Clever Cool™ by Calming Comfort™.

Take Relaxation to The Next Level

Real People Real Results

In out office we treat a lot of conditions that are associated with poor sleeping position. In order to make our patients more comfortable we need to open up their hips and properly align the spine, and Clever Cool helps the do that.

Dr. Todd Rodman Chiropractic Physician

The pillows I’ve used in the past are usually too big and too bulky, but my Clever Cool has been amazing. Ever since I started using it my knee is not as tight as it used to boe and it really has been a tremendous help!

Jennifer Whitaker Satisfied Customer

It provides just the right amount of space in-between and the cooling gel inside eliminates the sweat, period.

Keir Dumont Satisfied Customer
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