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Calming Comfort Cooling Duvet Covers fit 15LB, 20LB and 25LB Calming Comfort Blankets. They are Double-sided, removable duvet covers that help you maintain the ideal temperature while sleeping.


Ultra soft, silky smooth Viscose derived from bamboo. Viscose is soft, lightweight fabric that is designed for breathability so that it remains cool to the touch year-round.

What It Does

Our innovative fabric was constructed to absorb body heat, making you feel cooler by wicking moisture away from the body.

Now you can take relaxation to the next level and stay cool and cozy all year long! Calming Comfort Cooling Duvet covers give you that cooling sensation with specially designed viscose fibers that are derived from bamboo. You'll be cool & calm every single night without anymore flip-flopping to find the cool side.